Hillmont Christian Camp

The Calling of Men - A spiritual retreat bringing together generations of men.

The Calling of Men is a four day retreat (August 8-11, 2024) that includes purposeful times of worshipping, praying, eating, playing, talking, and changing with the purpose of discovering what it means to be a man of God.

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Frequently asked questions

Why The Calling of Men?
Men are struggling in our culture. Our older men have not been taught how to walk out their masculinity, and our younger men are following suit. The Calling of Men is a four-day retreat intended to bring the wisdom and life experiences of older Christian men into the lives of younger men.
Why should I attend as a Candidate?
Do you want to grow into your calling and maturity as a man of God? Are you willing to learn from experienced, mature men of God? That willingness is all you need.
Why should I serve as an Older Man?
Do you feel the call of God to pour the life of Christ into the generation to come? Are you willing to serve young men in common and anonymous ways? If so, we invite you to come and serve.
What should I expect as a Candidate?
You should expect: a weekend focused on growing your faith and passion for Jesus Christ, a weekend affirming your masculinity and connecting that with your Christian walk, and a weekend developing deep relationships with other men.
What should I expect as an Older Man?
You should expect: a weekend spent growing your faith and passion for Jesus Christ through serving the next generation, and a weekend encouraging and calling younger men to get up and stand by the Lion (Hosea 11:9b-11).